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Alert: This blog post is honest and not all uplifting, but real, and true. We have had more than a few inspiring mama's in the store, many of whom have shared their various stories with us.  We thank you.  We are more than honored to be part of your lives. Many share that they are cancer survivors, and, more than a few are battling cancer while pregnant.   Inspiring?  We can hardly tell you.  Today one of them sent us this clip, with a note asking us to share it.  Daisy Lewellyn is a cancer survivor, and one of the mom models that she features in this clip was pregnant and battling cancer. It's all about feeling good.  And dressing helps.  And, um, do we love that the show features one of our faves from Tees by Tina?  Yes we do:) We love all our moms.  We are so thankful to all of you. We are inspired by all of you.  


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Someone once called this her "magic dress" because head on or from the back you couldn't tell that she was pregnant, but when she turned to the side?  Yes!  Definitely pregnant:)

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