Meet Tina and Austin, in LA

What a team these two are!  Tina has her reasons for not wanting her picture here, and we respect them, so, you'll just have to pop into the store to meet her.  She's adorable and we feel certain that you will love her too.  I remember when she first started working here-in Palo Alto,  and Kate called and said "Oh!  I just met Tina, you're going to love her!"  She was right.  Can we give you a little visual?  Tina has the most amazing hair-and it's all natural, so we hate her.  She does work to keep it straight, but, that mama is good at setting boundaries-even her hair knows not to misbehave!

I’m the mother of two amazing boys and the proud grandma of the world’s two cutest grand-babies.

I’m a country girl at heart and am just as comfortable on a horse as on a Harley!

I love a good game of golf and finishing my day with a glass of wine (I’m not a wine snob, but it’s gotta be good!)

Life’s an adventure, but it never hurts to make it more exciting!

  And then there's Austin.  What can we say?  If we get all norcal earthy crunchy, we believe that the reason we had to open in LA is so we could have Austin in our lives, ever reminding us to stay "peachy":)

I’m a big city boy with a Southern grown soul.

 When it comes to fashion I view it as playing dress up. The whole world’s a stage right? You want be dressed for your role.

 I listen to music that was on the charts 30-50 years before I was born. A Patsy Cline song will stop me in my tracks every time and a re-run of the Patty Duke show is a wonderful way to end the day.

 Normal? Probably not, but I’d rather be too much than too little any day!

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