Your closet's new BFF for spring/summer 2015

Can you say "insta-chic"? Yes.  You need these. Anything and everything else in your closet will be on-trend when paired with your white distressed denim.  The first time that I came home with a pair of distressed denim my wife was somewhat appalled that I had paid good money for a pair of jeans with holes in them.  But I loved them.  Personally I feel that no one will notice my thighs if there are holes in my jeans.  I know that it's crazy, but, hey, it's how I feel, and that's what matters, eh? And, these are just too flippin' cute!! Bump & Beyond?  Um.  Yes. Yes. Yes. Although we recommend maybe tucking your top into the front-not the sides, just the front. Okay, good, now you've got it.  Now.  Go out there and rock it mama!

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