Our Fab Fotographer

Got to grab a cup of coffee with our photographer, Rob Prideaux, when we were both in LA last week. What a happy surprise!  Not only is a great photographer, he is also one of the smartest, funniest people I know.

His two boys are much younger than mine-3 and 5.  I was asking him how the boys were getting along since I  had memories of a year or two ago when Rob told me that the older one, Henry, was just walking by the younger one, Sam, and tipping him over. Yup.  Boys. I just don't get them-even though I have two.   “ Oh, yeah, that was just off hand terrorism, we’ve moved on to hand to hand, and all I can try to do is contain it.”  This is a guy who takes it all in stride. (and, he usually takes those strides in some pretty awesome shoes, and AGs, which, of course, I get.) He gets us some great shots, and we have FUN! 

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