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Kate is the "woman behind the curtain", our very own "oz", reminding us that we have everything that we need, if we just click our heels together 3 times..... or call her!  Kate is our "fixer", our zen master (a regular text from kate is "yoga at noon" ), a customer service aficionado and our very own web guru.   She slips out every once in a while, and can be viewed live and in person in our Palo Alto store.  But, usually, she is working under cover. In her "behind the scenes" role, Kate asked all of us to write a little bit about ourselves, by way of introduction, so folks would know a little bit more about us.  So, it only seems right to start with her.  (Okay, actually, I think she started with me, but since neither of likes pictures of ourselves, or to be the focus of too much attention, I'm not going to double check that. Sorry, Kate, I know that you'll hate me for making you next, but, look at it this way-you'll be getting it over with. ) So, without further ado, here's Kate! 

I see the world through a camera lens. Beautiful light grabs my soul.

Classic. French. Stripes. Yes, please.

Pride and Prejudice is the most hilarious book I have ever read.  (p.s. I’m secretly in love with Mr. Darcy. Don’t tell my fiance.)

A woman who feels confident in herself is a powerful woman.

Yoga has taught me more about myself than anything in my life.

There can never be too many cookies.


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