It's a Diaper Drive for the HPP!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing me wax on and on about one of my very favorite SF organizations, this is for you.  And I promised Kate I'd try to keep it short and sweet;)  I can get carried away on this subject. Martha Ryan, their amazing director (and the word amazing does not even begin to do her justice) believes that: "to be able to give our families just a little bit, to help them feel like they deserve what they haven't had--I tell you,there's nothing stopping people from going forward once you've put them on that road."  

The Homeless Prenatal Program of SF has been helping pregnant women and families get on that road, 85,000 of them, for 25 years.  We are honored and proud to say that we have supported them for all of our 18 years. Over 90 percent of their high-risk pregnancies result in healthy drug-free babies, "exceeding the national average for all births, including low-risk pregnancies."  Inspiring?  Beyond words.  So, when Sharon (who we work with primarily at the HPP) mentions to me in passing that they are all out of diapers, we do what we can to get them diapers!  Those babies and those mamas should not be worrying about running out of diapers.  So, we are collecting diapers at our Northern California locations, and now through this Saturday, we will be buying 25 diapers for every $100 spent in our stores. Can't get into a store and still want to help make a difference?  Good news, you still can, check out the HPP Wish List:   Short and oh so sweet.  We love these guys.

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