Rosamund Pike-We've got what you need!

I always love it when celeb moms are real in interviews.  Think Christina Applegate telling David Letterman how her MotherTucker was keepin' it all together, Meryl Streep talking about leaking milk at the most awkward moments and more. Now add Gone Girl, Oscar nominated actress Rosamund Pike to the list.  Love her!  Love that she brings baby boy with her everywhere and seems like she totally doesn't understand what else she would do! "You're a mum and you've got a baby, so, what are you going to do?" Check it out. And, then, don't you agree?  What she needs is Freemie!   I mean, Ellen's dress was a kind gesture and all;) but, we think Freemie would rock this mama's world.  A mama's got a choice!  Ellen could use this info too, not for her or her wife, but for all her friends and guests.  (Hold on a sec while I go grab my soapbox, everyone who has ever seen me speak on this subject knows that it is one of my favorite "causes"!) Me thinkith that Rosamund would rather pump like this:  Than this:

Just a hunch.

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