Gloria's Month

Our Palo Alto manager Gloria has got quite a month-she want to look her very best on Valentine's Day, and then again on her labor day and beyond!  She is not officially working any more, but we know that she is working hard, and prepping for the hardest and very best "job" on earth-a job that is all about love and kisses, being a MOM!  


Prepping for the after labor stage means getting herself a perfect selection of easy access tops so baby boy is fed and mama feels as put together as a sleep deprived person can!  Gloria is an exceedingly organized human being.  As a manager she was so organized, we can just imagine her stocking her baby's nursery-getting all her ducks, and rubber duckies, in a row!

Keep Calm and Parent On, Gloria (which if she says it sounds more like Claudia with a "G").  We are already missing her Italian accent, attitude and style.

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