The Perils of Using Real Live Mom Models

We have a shoot in a few days. We always use real mom models, usually picked while they are shopping at our stores, and we try to add a not-pregnant mom and a not pregnant person to the mix-bump and beyond is what we do, so, bump and beyond is what we shoot. We have a fabulous photographer whomight prefer to work with pros, but tolerates us:)  Thank you Rob Prideaux! Up until 2 days ago we had 3 pregnant "models"-all due within a week of each other-in late February! We knew this might be pushing it, but we figured if one delivered early we still had two. Then we got an e-mail from Chloe saying she was so sorry, but, one of their "biggest clients has requested a presentation that day and having the meeting takes priority over everything."  You can check out her company, but you won't see her on our site.  (And her company seems to be a cool local biz, doing organic baby blankets and other soft cuddlies, so do check it out- Then Christi contacted us with a similar e-mail.   When you use real moms, real life interrupts and takes priority, which is of course how real life rolls.  So, you won't be seeing these two on our site.  They're cute though, right?  

 It's all good....except we have only one model, and one mom.  Eek.  So, for the first time in many years, we will be using a fake bump.  We are trying to accept that this is just how it's meant to be. Just to share some of our history, all of the below are mom models-none had ever modeled before.  Typically we are shooting samples, and sample sizes are usually XS or S, but the below reflect a range in size from 2 to 14. Rob's wife Jackie joined us when she was expecting both of hers, and she let us borrow baby number two for a later shoot. (So the baby in the pic does not belong to the pregnant model.)  Do they look like models?  Do we care?  They look like real moms.  Cuz that's what they are! (Babies delivered after these pictures were taken now range in age from 2 to 4ish.)       This shoot will be different.  We'll still have fun. We've got Oasis who has a 13 month old baby boy, Miki who we love, but who is not pregnant, nor has she ever been, Gloria who is due Feb 25th  and we'll see who else shows up! Here's to real life, real moms, real love.

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