Everyday Magic - Invisible Nursing Access

Being the resourceful girls that we are here at Mom's the Word, we like pieces that do double duty. Some of our faves are nursing tops that can be worn pregnant and vice versa. There is something extremely exciting to us about pieces that do it oh-so-effortlessly...magically, even. Enter, Loyal Hana. If you aren't privy to our secret intel, there is no possibility that anyone would EVER guess that these lux, chic, fabulous pieces are, you guessed it, nursing accessible. You heard right. It's not a slight of hand or an illusion (unless you count the magically hidden zippers as a feat of Houdini). So if you snap up every. single. piece...we won't blame you. We'll just give you a round of applause for being the savvy, magic-loving mom2b that you are. At eight months, our Haute Mama, Gloria, loves the Carri Nursing Blouse because it is long enough to wear as a tunic with her favorite leggings, but it will be an easy and elegant nursing top in a couple months! 

The magical (truly) invisible zippers. Voila!


Check out all the Loyal Hana pieces here!

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