Saying Good Bye to another Small

It's funny perhaps that I feel compelled to write this, but it feels important to acknowledge that another small maternity business has closed, and to say that we wish them all the best.  Truly.  We are sorry to see BellyDanceMaternity go.  They did a swell job, they kept us on our toes, they made pregnant women in Chicago and New York happy and they contributed, as all small businesses do, to supporting the local economy and to making the world a more personalized place for 13 years.  That's no mean feat.  They also locally manufactured a line that we carried, and we will miss that too. They may have been "competition", but this maternity world is small, and we are genuinely sad to see them close. It was owned by a mom, of twins who are I am guessing...around 5? I hope that she gets some great mom time in now that she is not fretting over the older child-her stores!  Keep Calm and Parent On. 

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