1 Dress, 4 Seasons: Dressing for Multi-Season Pregnancies

There are places in the world where you can make it through 9 months without changing seasons, but, most of us don't live in Hawaii. It is the challenge of many moms 2b(most, actually) ... dressing a changing body through changing seasons. Since that cute belly of yours doesn't necessarily slip right into your favorite sundress or winter coat, finding outfits to wear that can span many months may seem just about impossible. Until you met us! Part of what we do best at Mom's the Word is help you feel amazing and beautiful in clothes that fit a bump, and we also help you be as efficient as possible in your choices! That's why moms have been trusting us for almost 20 years.  We dress you through it all.  We've got you covered mama-winter, spring,summer and fall. Enter the Lattice Dress. So very fabulous on it's own in warm weather, just as fantastic layered up when it's chilly (or freezing ;) Choose between cream, black or raspberry...whichever, or how ever many, you choose, you can't go wrong!  (Yes, this is one of those pieces that people double up on-basic black and an alternative.)

{ Cool out? }

For the coldest days, make sure you keep cozy! Wrap yourself up in the Cashmere Cocoon, Stretch Belt, and Opaque Tights.

Add your favorite scarf for a pop of color or pattern, and off you go!

{ Warm out? }

When it becomes too warm  for cashmere, layer on the classic Denim Jacket , add a long necklace or the Stretch Belt, slip on your favorite flats for an easy to wear outfit, or pumps for a perfect date night. (Get 'em while you can!)

{ Perfect for Every Season }


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