Fashion Truth-Real Moms. Not Models

We are a fan of real women. Real blood, bones and curves, women. So when ModCloth pledged with their #fashiontruth to use only un-photoshopped photos, we instantly identified, as this is what we have done at Mom's the Word all along. This is our #fashiontruth: From day one, we have used our beautiful customers as our fashion models, ranging in size from size 0 to size 14. ( Ok, so the truth is that twice in 18 years we have used models from an agency since we didn't have enough client models at the time for our shoot. One of them slipped into the images below... can you pick the "real" model? We bet you can't, which just shows how model-worthy all moms2b are!) We aim to represent the beauty of real womanhood and even more specifically, motherhood. And it comes in all shapes in sizes...  

We want to say thank you to all of our beautiful customers, the ones pictured here as well as the ones that are not.  Thank you for sharing your pregnancies and precious babies with us.

Thank you for sharing your joys, challenges, funny stories and baby make our day, everyday.

We love you!

{ Want to be a model for Mom's the Word? Send your info to: }






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