Zoe Loves Tees by Tina!

Just about every customer that tries on a piece from Tees by Tina asks us, "Is it weird if I get this in every color?" Our answer? "It's weird NOT to!" Fashion forward, comfortable, easy pieces that you can throw on worry-free on your I-haven't-a-thing-to-wear days are few and far between...why wouldn't you fill your wardrobe with these staples?

Zoe Saldana knows whats up. She wears the Microstripe Maxi in both colors and the Snake Bodycon Maxi for everyday stylish comfort. We have many moms2b of twins frequent our shops, and like Zoe, they are on the hunt for flattering styles that are comfortable and that will work throughout their pregnancies.. Tees by Tina pieces are a no-brainer, so join the smart ladies who love these pieces and pick your faves!



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