Get the Look - With a Bump!

It is in the nature of us girls to find fashion looks that we want to recreate (Pinterest, anyone?) and if you are anything like us, this hunt for inspiration is amped up to full-time job when pregnant. However, don't limit yourself to "maternity outfits" when searching for ways to rev up  your wardrobe! Search for outfit styles that you love not pregnant and that are "you"...don't feel like you have to sacrifice style for the belly! With a little tweaking, you can recreate a fabulous inspiration photo that will work for you changing shape.

Our inspiration photo on the left is a chic, classic look that incorporates denim, leather and a crisp collared shirt...a look fit for walking the streets of New York, Paris or simply a Saturday window shopping. Yikes, you say. Her shirt is tucked in and she is wearing a belt! No way this works with a bump! Watch and learn, my friend. With a few tweaks, you too can rock this look in your maternity wardrobe! 

At 22 weeks, Gloria definitely has a bump going on...there is no denying it! When recreating a look you love, steer clear of trying to disguise the belly...embrace the bump and make it the centerpiece of the look!

In the inspiration photo, our girl is wearing a super sleek jacket with leather sleeves. We have just the thing: the Vleather Sleeve Coat

Obviously, a very structured button down blouse with no stretch isn't ideal for the pregnant form. So, we substituted the  starchy shirt for a collared blouse. It still gives us the structure we need with the collar and cuffs, but is a bit softer and drapes over the bump.

By choosing under-the-bump (as opposed to full, over the bump panel) distressed jeans, a belt can be used as a defining accessory for this look.

Add a fabulous black handbag, red pumps, and you're out the door!

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