Keeping up with Kourtney - Looks to Love!

So we all know that Kourtney Kardashian is adorable. Plain and simple. But what we love so much about her is that she never sacrifices her personal style when she is pregnant (it's oh-so-easy to throw on a huge t-shirt and saggy jeans and call it a day). She never looks like she went to her closet and said, "I guess this will have to work." Not a chance. Even when out and about running errands with her two littles, her look screams, "I am rocking this...and I look fabulous!" Stylish, but never too done up, she always manages to look effortless. And guess what? We know her secret. She layers tried-and-true pieces from Tees by Tina with her favorite shirts, cardis, hats and amazing shoes. Best part? All her outfits are ridiculously comfortable. Like, I-guess-I-have-to-deliver-in-this-dress-because-I'm-never-taking-this-off. That comfortable.

Shop: The Snake Bodycon Maxi


Shop: The Microstripe Maxi


Shop: The Tunic Slip Dress

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