5 Minute Makeup for Moms

Nic, in our San Francisco store comes to us from years behind a cosmetics counter.  Austin in LA won't leave the house without mascara and brows. We asked them each to give all us a 5 second (okay, minute) make-up routine. Austin's will come next. Here's Nic's:

With these tools and 5 minutes, our moms will have what they need to feel their best everyday. MAKEUP BAG: Strongly suggested...Sorry, I can understand not having time for brushes (and all of these products can be applied with your fingers) but let's keep it real and organized. CONCEALER IS A MUST! if you only have time to put on one product it should be under eye concealer. concealer brightens and opens up the eye area. Think of it as 8 hours of sleep in a bottle.  Best full coverage concealer. Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer Sheer coverage concealer. I suggest Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener TINTED MOISTURIZER: Has sunscreen, LIGHT- MED coverage, and hydrating agents to even out skin tone along with providing a healthy radiance to skin.  Remember makeup always looks best on an even skin tone. I suggest Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer spf 20...Never put foundation on the neck! That is where you put your bronzer.

BRONZER:  Ok, your skin tone is even. Now take 20 seconds to incorporate your sun-kissed glow. Use Star Bronzer by Lancome...guess what? It is a bronzer and brush all in one :) Remember, use your bronzer brush on neck first then cheeks, forehead, and chin to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look. CHEEKS AND LIPS: Use Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips. It comes in all different shades and is supposed to be applied with fingers....love this product! MASCARA - Dior Shor or Lancome Definicils..the best of the best! All these products can easily fit in almost any makeup bag and can be applied in 5 minutes! Now, get out there and smile mama- You look great! {Images via lavenderlash.com and realsimple.com}

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