This Fall, It's In the Bag!

We have some yummy news just in...bags! (Yes, diaper bags!) But who can tell? Surely we won't give away your secret!

You've probably laid off the wine, but you can still enjoy a gorgeous shade of Bordeaux! We guarantee, you will still be loving this bag long after you begin going back to Happy Hour...even if Happy Hour means a $4 bottle from the corner market while daddy watches junior so you can finally catch up on Mad Men. Cheers!

If fringe is your favorite, this is the bag for you, my friend. And yes, it's a backpack, but not your second grader's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variety. Think more along the lines of a backpack run off to Paris who bumped into a herd of fashion week models on her layover in New York. Like, "Yeah. It's a backpack....with fringe. AND a changing pad. Jealous?"

When Black just won't do, enter Midnight. Black's royal, runway ready cousin. And while we love Midnight for Fall, (Midnight, Chocolate and Charcoal are inseparable friends) we admit that we can't wait for Spring to stop by again so we can wear this with a nautical  striped tee and white jeans. Hello, Nantucket!


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