Dad's the Word

In my experience, Dads are pretty great things. My father is sort of like my fairy godmother(?) disguised as Dad.  I say, casually over dinner, “I want a car that seats 6, but that isn’t a mini-van, and that rear facing seat thing makes too many kids puke.Such a car does not seem to exist!” Two weeks, much research, and several test drives later he presents me with his vote for our next car. For months after I buy it he continues to send me WSJ reviews, Car and Driver Safety reports and 5 star ratings on the car.  He has done this for me for more items than I care to mention-from speakers to stoves. He’s an economist with an impeccable aesthetic, so value and beauty are always part of the equation. If he reads this he will say it is all nothing.  It is not nothing. I love my dad.

As far as fashion, my Dad is professorial.  Think sweaters.  I have seen him wearing jeans.  Once.  He has however, dressed my mother brilliantly since the beginning.

Recently he came to me because for years he and my mom (who is also stellar) have purchased some organic wooden toys as gifts for small children, but he can no longer locate them.  They were very well priced, made by women in India (I think) and, in his words were "truly wonderful, great to play with, creatively designed, meticulously made, and finished in a manner equaled by few toys or other products".  They are a great value (well priced), help people support themselves and are visually and tactilely pleasing.  Typically Mom’s the Word does not sell toys.  Dad's doing some research. You may see them soon at a Mom's the Word near you. If you do, you'll know- It's a dad thing.

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