The Polka Dot: A Statement, but Always a Classic

Since 1926, when Miss America was pictured in her polka dot bathing suit, Americans have had an ongoing obsession with polka dot apparel.
 In 1951, Marilyn Monroe wore her polka dot bikini, which quite possibly paved the way for this feminine print to become a "must-have" in female wardrobes. Polka dots have since been wardrobe staples of fashion icons and celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball and Princess Diana, and they do not seem to be going away any time soon! So, if you don't have your favorite polka dot dress yet, why not start when you're pregnant! You already have another human growing inside you, so what better way to embrace this updated 'you' than covering that bump with some dots!
Polka dots can be just the dose of flirty femininity you need on those days when "girly" and "pretty" would be the last words you might use to describe yourself. Throw on a polka dot get-up, like Seraphine's Martina dot dress (that was recently featured on Access Hollywood Live), and voila! You are instantly transformed into a daring fashionista for your baby shower or date night with the hubby. Think about it:  a dress that can make you feel like a star on Mad Men while still being fabulous, little you?! - Done and done!
Feeling extra sassy?... Pair this dress with one of our skinny, adjustable belts or some red pumps and finish the look with a bold, red lipstick to really knock their socks off!
You will take one more look in the mirror and say, "Baby I come!"

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