The "Eyelets" Have It- for Summer 14

One of our favorite summer '14 trends, is the white eyelet or lace dress.  Why do we love it?  Because: 1.  It's a "trend" for Summer '14, but, seriously, this is a totally classic, wear-every-year and never-look-out-of-style look.  So, go ahead, call it a trend, but, can you find that same trend from the 60's? 70's? 80's? 90's? 00's?  Yes you can.  Classic. If both a Duchess .... ....and a Victoria's Secret model can wear it, then, who can't?!?!              2. You can wear it sooo many ways!  Feeling just plain cute and girly? Pair it with a pop-of-color belt? Feeling like a rocker? Toss on some cute booties and/or a leather jacket and you rule the world.  Shower coming up?  Pair it with pastel accessories and you'll be picture perfect.  


    3. In the infamous words of Dr. Suess "Oh, The Places You'll Go" in your LWD 4.  Pregnant or not, this is a look to embrace and make your own-every day.  So versatile it's sort of crazy. Truly.  Pretend this is a pair of jeans and you will be on trend all summer long.  Plus, Bump & Beyond?  Absolutely! Our amazing Italian, Gloria, tried it on almost the moment that it came in.  (Alas poor dear, she is just so slim that it didn't work, but, she is narrow, narrow, narrow, narrow.)

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