The Importance of Belly Photos

It seems  a bit cliche nowadays, the documentation of the baby bump. Our social media feeds are flooded with images of this belly and that belly. But what if you grow a beautiful baby belly, give birth and have no documentation of the process? Most moms deeply regret not having images of their body during this special, beautiful time. "I can't look at another pregnant belly photo! They are allllll the same and honestly, really cheesy!", you say. Well my friend, take a look below at some of the most gorgeous  "belly shots" you have ever seen. No lettered blocks spelling out names, no baby shoes, no giant bows on the belly. Just pure, simple and natural images. You just might change your mind.


Buffy Dekmar Photography      

Jennifer Loomis Photography      


Elizabeth Messina Photography        

Classic Kids Photography      

Stephanie Sunderland Photography        

Alicia Thurston Photography    


Rylee Hitchner Photography      

 Brooke Bryand Photography

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