Your Best-Friend Breastfeeding Must Haves

Nursing, breastfeeding, feeding, whatever you name it, is a  beautiful bonding time for moms and babies, but for many, it is a challenge, and for others, a huge challenge. MOM is here to the rescue with the top products to make your nursing life as easy (and fashionable) as it can possibly be.

1. Lined Cup Nursing Cami


With a built-in bra and easy snap down clips, this is a piece most moms "collect them all" in every color available because, yes, you WILL wear it. Every. Single. Day. Support, coverage and converts to racer-back. Perfect for layering or wearing solo. Bonus: Fantastic while pregnant for yoga.

2. Freemie Freedom Breast Pump

   Small, light-weight, quiet AND you can keep your shirt on. You heard right! A complete pumping revolution. Natural shaped collection cups allow you keep on your shirt while you pump! (No crazy pumping bra required.) Pump around friends, family and co-workers comfortably...they probably won't even notice! BPA, DEHP and latex free. FDA approved.  Same suction (or better, as a few moms have told us) as leading competitors. And, only $159.95!

3. Lily Padz Nursing Pads


We can't even tell you how many of these we have sold to nursing moms. Countless. Replace your scratchy, bulky disposable nursing pads with these babies and you'll feel like a new woman. Made from medical grade breathable silicon, they gently adhere to the breast, putting a bit off pressure on the nipple, which acts as an "off button", stopping leaks. So ridiculously fabulous.

4. MOM's Surplice Nursing Top


This top is amazing both pregnant and nursing. The best part is you can wear it to the office, out to dinner, to the coffee shop, or even to sleep (if you are so exhausted you can't throw on pj's, you can be just as comfy).MOM's signature double weight fabric keeps cool and keeps you covered-no awkward, not flattering bumps to show through. Nothing could be more soothing to your (and baby's) sensitive skin than the softer-than-silk modal. A flattering cut makes for no-fuss, discreet nursing at home or out and about.

5. Nipstick


Yes, my friend, nursing will take a tole on your nipples. It's no secret... dry, sore and cracked pretty much sums it up. But not to worry! Spoiled Mama's glorious little push-up tube of nipple gold will get you through even the toughest days. A completely organic olive oil base makes it melt on contact and is perfectly safe (and tasteless) for baby to ingest so no need to wash off before feeding. You may want to pick up an extra tube, because it makes some killer diaper rash ointment too ;)

6. Belly Bandit's Body Form Fit


Sexy it is not,  amazing-wonderful-fabulous, it is. Two words: it works. A postpartum belly wrap to help engage those hibernating abdominal muscles and put that uterus right back where she belongs. It not only helps get you back to pre-baby shape in record time, it has specific benefits for the nursing mama - it won't let you slouch as you nurse (we are all guilty), and it improves posture which improves energy levels which improves milk supply and your overall breastfeeding life. Wear it for at least 6-8 weeks, 24/7 (except in the shower, of course :)

 7. Rockin' Baby Pouch


This reversible sling-style pouch allows you to nurse actively. Loved and worn by many a celeb mama, baby can chill in the pouch and nurse while you throw in a load of laundry, do some dishes or walk down the street to grab yourself a treat (you deserve it!). Bonus: When you purchase a pouch, Rockin' Baby will donate one to a mother in Haiti and teach her about baby-carrying. What a sweet deal!

8. MOM's Bamboo Nursing Dress


Fashion meets feeding! Woven design in front (kind of genius, right?) allows for super discreet nursing in a dress that no one would even dream has boobie-access. Designed to be multi-seasonal: layer it with a cardi and boots for colder months, perfect wear-as-is for warm days (or nights!) Dress it up, dress it down, the choice is yours.

9. Mother Tucker Tank


While this is not a body-changing piece like the Body Form Fit, Belly Bandit has married two needs of nursing moms into one fab little tank: boob access and belly-slimming-magic. Wear everyday to feel (and look) like inches just feel off your belly or just when you feel like sporting a fitted outfit. Tuck it, mother!

10. Chewbeads


Breastfeeding tends to create busy little hands that like to scratch, pinch and pull hair. Enter Chewbeads. More than a wearable teething toy, these silicon beads can give baby something to focus on and entertain themselves with as they nurse. The soft, dishwasher safe silicon is easy to wear and a must-have if your little one has busy fingers.

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