A "juicy" little known piece of maternity history...

Have you heard of the new line Pam&Gela? It's not maternity, and, although divine, it would definitely not work with a bump.  Rachel Zoe said about it " You may recognize West Coast designer duo (and BFFs) Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor as the creative forces behind their first fashion baby, Juicy Couture. " We are giant Rachel Zoe fans, but I must set the record straight.  Juicy was not their first fashion baby.  The first time that I met Pam and Gela was pre-Juicy, when they walked into my shop in LA in 1989(?) with their first fashion baby, Travis Jeans, named after Gela's first son. (And, no, I didn't stay in touch, and I was almost a baby myself back then, but they were adorable, I do remember that, and, impassioned, and I love that.)  They had with them a pair of Levi's which they had adapted for maternity. The sizing was a challenge because they were Levi's and well, there really was no sizing-some were probably 29x34, others were seemingly 40x28, so we'd just throw a dozen pairs in a fitting room, and cross our fingers.  But, man did they make pregnant women happy.   We couldn't get enough.  They had a gigantic panel, like so long that not-pregnant, it could easily be pulled up over the bust.  And it had a drawstring on top, with an endless loop tie, so there were a few bad moments in bathrooms struggling with the knot. And still, they were fabulous beyond words. (For the life of me I can't find a picture online, or of me in mine.  This was before digital :/ Eventually they started producing their own jeans, and sizing got better.  They added a few select pieces to the line, and they were all pretty perfect I have to say.   They did a ballet top and almost ankle length slim shirt that were classic and could still be worn today. But,  maternity, as anyone in it will tell you, is a small market, and those girls went on to waaay bigger things. I just love that it all started with a baby:) So many great things do. SBP

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