Red Carpet Wrap-Up

Did you check out the Red Carpet last night? Naturally we did:)  Quite a few well dressed bumps out there this year.    And, of course, as experts  we found a few things that we would have tweaked a little. Or a lot.

Olivia Wilde - beautiful, classic, clean lines. These are all winning words when choosing a bump-friendly black tie look.  A sleek Valentino gown skimmed the bump while a bit of back detail added some interest.  It was hard to appreciate in a lot (okay most) of the images, but, really, we loved.  And what a different look from her Golden Globe look (also gorgeous)! Olivia really showed that she has no problem trying different looks fearlessly...and at 7 months pregnant! Go her!  That's fun!


Kerry...oh Kerry.  She is so beautiful, and the Jason Wu that she wore worked so well- from the front. The color was absolutely stunning  on her and in the bulk of pictures she looked glamorous and lovely. Because she is!  The lack of any real shape however made it simply not flattering from any angle other than head on. This is a shape that is difficult to pull off not pregnant, and even harder with, well, a bump. The general idea-the drape, the pleats and folds-there was potential.  Just a few strategically placed princess seams in the back could have made this piece work beautifully from all angles.



It's as though Washington's stylist is out to prove our mantra of "just because it fits on your body pregnant, doesn't mean you should leave the house in it", which is why we are very particular in what non-maternity styles we carry and advise on different bodies in the shop.  Witness Kerry at the Director's Guild Awards. Hard enough on the runway.  Not good pregnant.  Even on the divine Ms. Washington and her always fabulous footwear.



We really wish that Kerry would call us for a little MOM consultation on the sly.  Sometimes what she's wearing makes us assume that she has ballooned up underneath the clothes.  But we really don't think that is the case. Whoever is dressing her is just missing the mark a little.  It's like they don't want her to look good,  but it's more likely the designer or stylist just doesn't understand how to dress a pregnant silhouette.

It's fascinating that pregnant fashion has come so far, and yet some people are just stumped by it.  We are, honestly, fascinated.


Look at that beautiful face!  Elsa Pataky's smile exudes radiance.  The color of this Elie Saab gown is fantastic. The dress....well, do they give points for trying? First word-"toobie". And, when pregnant, a bra is often a good thing. What was she thinking?  Side boob is never a good thing. The general shape could work, but the dress doesn't begin to fit her, and the gaping armhole...well, just unfortunate.  A trip to the tailor might have made a huge difference in the overall execution of this fashion forward look. Creating definition between bust and belly, especially when no leg is showing, is a good rule of thumb that both Kerry and Elsa missed.

And, all this being said?  These are just our opinions.  If these women felt fabulous, then that's what matters most.

Sarah P and Kate M

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