Photo Shoot Love!

An honest statement: This year we did our photo shoot differently.  We only had one pregnant model. A simple truth: Yes, we threw pillow babies on them, but, we primarily shot them "sans bump", because, well, as we all know, being actually pregnant, unless you are a super model, involves weight gain in areas other than the belly. And, our clothes, honestly, look great, pregnant or not, which is the point.

Jason Jr: the not-removable bump!

Photographer at work, rest and play:)


Model shooting model. (and, no, the Patchouli dress on the right won't make the final cut, because it's almost gone!)

How to look miniature in 5 seconds or less?  Stand next to a 5'11" model who was wearing 6" heels.  Insta shrimp.

(And, I'm wearing 8" platforms! Oh well, maybe in my next life I'll get those legs.)

But, we had so much fun!  With many thanks to our awesome models; Linda, Lizzie, Miki and Kaitlin.

Look for more of them on our site soon! And, if you ever want to join the fun, just let us know!

- sarah p.

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