Talking Trends

We have entered the season of  talking Spring trends, and we will do plenty of that in the coming weeks.  Why? Because it's fun!  It's fun to play around with your existing wardrobe and update it with new fresh looks for spring. Of course, when pregnant "existing wardrobe" can be translated as "empty closet" or "that box in storage that is 3 years old".  So, we love a new season because we get to explore old, new and classic.  There's nothing better than feeling on top of a trend, and totally this year.  Especially when your body is feeling so not your own this year.   With all the new Spring Arrivals  about what I call "classic trends".  I mean.. when has navy not been good in the Spring? Some years it's a trend, some years it's not, but it is always good!  Nautical or not.          

And, of course, nursing is a trend that's here to stay.


And, another timeless classic?  Black and White.  It's funny, it's almost always named as a trend, regardless of season, regardless of year. So, grab it in January or February, throw on black tights, and a boot, maybe a black cashmere cardigan and when it dips below zero a cozy scarf,and off you go, into the snow. When the crocuses start pushing color into the world and you can uncover a bit? Throw it on with sandals (with our without a pop of the season's hot color) and head out the door into the sunshine in it.  Always chic, always on trend. Pregnant or not. We love that.

by sarah p

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