Breast Pump Reboot-Finally! A breast pump for the 21st century.

My excitement about a new breast pump might have seemed a little, oh, crazy? to everyone on staff here.  It has, after all, been 16 years since I used a breast pump.

But, let's look at this from a different angle, shall we?  It has been 16 years since I used a breast pump. And they have not changed.  At all. A lot has changed in those sixteen years.  My 5'10" baby was 20"long. My phone was just a phone. My computer sat on a desk.  But, the breast pump that I had then?  Yep. It's still on the market.

A  little history lesson.

The Dark Ages:

First, there was this.  Because...riiiiight, you'd be on the phone! Smiling! With your top off.  Did I mention the noise?  But, yup, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. And we do.

The Middle Ages.

Then there was this. New and Improved.  Yikes.  Sort of a milking machine/S&M/diabetes pump looking thing.  Sexy.    But, you could wander around the house.

So, when Goria (our amazing manager in Palo Alto) mentioned a new breast pump, I got on it pronto! I called the brilliant husband/wife, California based team who had created it, gotten FDA approval etc.  I wanted to get it the moment that it became available, and, lucky for you, that moment has arrived.

Freemie uses milk collection cups that can be used with any bra and can be used discreetly.  Yes, you saw that right, discreetly.  With your shirt on. No more looking down to see two bottles attached to your body and thinking...Well, thinking that you never really imagined THIS when you were pregnant!

Let's face it,pumping may never be glamorous, but this is at least civilized!


 Tuck the collection cups into your bra and go about your business. Shocking! You can be around other people!  You don't have to sequester yourself to the janitor's closet every 2 hours! You don't have to sit in the corner of the room hoping no one walks in. Yes,  you will be (temporarily) even bustier than you already are, but well worth it.

And, as always, we've got you covered in that area, with our Freemie Friendly Fashion Rating-located on item pages throughout our site. What rates a 10 on the FFFS? A  nursing scarf. Double duty.  Use it when nursing and when pumping. Drape it over those Freemie Enhanced Breasts and you're all set.


Other stuff worth mentioning:

  • It's quiet too!! (Not absolutely silent, but imagine a soft white noise machine.  With music on or talking you won't even notice the noise.)
  • Collection Cups can be purchased separately for use with some of the other pumps on the market(see the item page, but honestly, did we mention, the Freemie pump is quiet?)
  • Need to move around?  Easy peasy.  Detach the tubes at top of collection cups and wander. Reattach with ease-even in your most sleep deprived state.  (But, no, you cannot wander while pumping.  I'm sure they're working on that.)
  • Cannot be battery operated, so, no, you can't wander around while pumping-unless you are using the manual pump.
  • And, in case you missed this.  They offer the first manual pump on the market which double pumps.
  • If you want to use the electric Freedom pump in the car, just get a converter at an auto supply store, or online.
  • Can be used for single or double pumping.
  • Use with any bottle,just pour milk out of patented collection cups into bottle of your choice.
  • Suction is comparable to the other major players in this arena
  • $159.95   So, go crazy with of a few Freemie Friendly Fashion pieces!

So now, thanks to a mother (and father) of invention (and twins) all mom's lives just got better.

Members of the FFT will be in our stores Saturday, January 25th.  Check Facebook for more details.

Pump it up!

by sarah

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