Golden Globe Moments

The Golden Globes were full of bumps the other night!  What fun! Okay, so....we love pregnant women and we love fashion.  We've dressed a lot of women for a lot of events; not just a few red carpets and inaugurations and balls and weddings and...  So we understand that dressing for the red carpet is, while very fun and exciting, also challenging.  Doing it when pregnant can be all the more challenging. And we really don't judge.  Really.  We do, on occasion, have opinions. (As anyone who has shopped with us knows, we'll tell you the truth-good or bad.)

So, not that anyone asked, but here are our thoughts. We really wish that someone had thrown a piece of red ribbon at Drew Barrymore as they saw her stroll by. She's got her own style, and we respect that. We even love that about her. That dress, while really wonderful in some ways, did not make pregnancy look good, and that makes us sad.  And, while a ribbon above the bump might not have made it amazing, it could have given her at least some shape. She's a beautiful woman, and she looks fabulous pregnant.  How you dress pregnant, just like how you dress not pregnant, matters. Olivia Wilde embraced her bump, which totally works on her! We did wonder why she followed in Kim K's footsteps (remember the floral, turtleneck, floor length dress with sleeves that had thumb holes?)and covered herself up to her neck?  Emily, one of our buyers, texted "What is up with the long sleeved closed up neckline on pregnant women?? Do you suddenly turn 70 when you become pregnant. Jeeez!" She could have handled a more daring neckline, and anything would have been more daring than hers, but she does rock that bump and that body,even all covered up! And Kerry..we must admit, Ms. Washington can pretty much do no wrong in our book.  We think she's divine. And she looked good in Olivia's trademark color. (We can't imagine her looking bad.) But, yup, we're tough critics, and in our humble opinion, she could have looked divine.  If only the neckline had been just a little more open-while still being bra friendly of course (the top of her dress was just was a little "off")and the "waist" a little more could have been even better. ....but, in truth, we love all of these women for walking the red carpet pregnant and proud!   by sarah

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