What is a Doula and why in goodness's name you would want one?!

Several of our customers have heard me say this "Get a doula, and have professional photos taken.  Better money you cannot spend." And I believe it.  Doula's are what my dad referred to as a "mother's helper",updated. The truth? With my first, I hired a doula way too late.  Like after the baby was born.  Weeks later. Doula's do it all-minus delivering the baby.  You can have one with you for a hospital birth or a home birth. They help you prep for labor. They are there for you during labor, and if this is your first, let me tell you something.labor is all that it's cracked up to be.  And more.  A doula makes the time pass faster, whether it's a two hour later(?!) or way longer. And 24 hours is a very long time.  Nurses change shifts.  Spouses get tired and hungry and loose the ability to count to 10 when you are pushing.  Doulas are professionals.  They probably have saved more than one marriage. My suggestion? Get a doula.  Get over the funny name. And photos.  Oh, photos.  Babies are so sublime.  And we can take a zillion photos of them.  But a professional is, well, it's like a doula, sometimes a professional is actually a professional for a reason, an it's good to have a professional.  And, do it annually. You'll have those zillions of photos, but having a few really good ones of all of you?  No value can be placed on that.  And, another suggestion? Bring in the grandparents if you can. And while we don't recommend any doula's, but we do have a few favorite photographers: Jennifer Loomis has hung shows with us many times over the years, and, if you want pregnancy shots, she's your woman. She's an

artist. (Jen is also great with babies.)


We love the pros at Classic Kids.  They have it down. Classic. Forever. And if you want more than one kid, or, even, gasp, the entire family plus grandparents, these women can make it happen and make everyone look good.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a miracle.  Not quite as much as the miracle of birth, but close. (And Classic Kids has been giving Complimentary Sittings to our clients for years.  Just ask us.)

And then there's Brooke, who shoots on location and manages to catch  the perfect, delightful, whimsical, magical moments .

I can spend hours looking at her website, and they aren't even my kids!!


 So, get a doula. Or don't.  Have a professional take your photos.  Or don't.  This is just one mom's opinion. And there are so many:)

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