Soft Pant Happiness

Our Soft Pant is one of those things that, really, didn't need fixing. It was not broke.  In fact, it always flew out the door, and despite all of our efforts, we'd run out of it. But....we are sort of perfectionists, or at least "always on the journey towards an ideal"-ists :), so, we made them even better and we are super excited, because, well, we're excitable idealists. Still super soft, actually, even softer; the fold over/under piece is even longer, so, they can be worn up and over the bump, scrunched down under the bump, or folded fully down even longer to give the effect of a tunic length cami worn over the pant; now in not just black, but also heather black (really, it's charcoal, but, you know designers,  we're just grateful they aren't calling it onyx and heathered onyx);and a teeny bit more weight to the fabric-same great drape, but zero risk of any lululemon-esque see-throughness. We're all about making up words today. Please don't tell my kids, and whatever you do, do not tell my mom!  She's still following me around correcting my English "Harry and me, not Harry and I"  But, I guess that's her job, eh?


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