Baby That Baby Belly

You are probably taking pretty darn good care of yourself (we hope!) now that a wee one is on it’s way, but something that is often neglected and is so very important is: your skin. It has to stretch to make a cozy home for Jr. (about a whole square foot, in fact!) and it’s the only thing that’s keeping that kicking baby from escaping and taking off running.

While the crazy itching all over your belly may be on your mind, stretch mark prevention is often overlooked. By the time you have gotten a positive on an at home pregnancy test, your hormones, and therefore your skin, have already undergone some major changes. It’s never too early to begin a “belly” skin care regimen, and in fact, the sooner, the better.

Build up and maintain collagen and elastin in the skin by using a product with an oil base. Most regular lotions do not penetrate the skin deeply enough to keep in moisturized but we have found a few items that do:

For the Organic Mom2B

Rich cocoa butters and essential oils are cold-pressed in San Francisco and are 100% organic.

For the Spa Lovin’ Organic Mom2B

This oil is richly scented with lavender and is seriously like a trip to the spa…in a bottle you can keep in your purse.

For the Mom2B de Paris

To keep your belly tres chic, this is a classic. Walk into a pharmacy in France pregnant…they just hand it to you. Because, obviously. Pleasant, light floral scent in a more-lotion-than-butter form.

Honestly, we don’t care WHAT lotiony-potiony stuff you use to keep your belly looking fab…we just want you to feel great. These just happen to be our faves and the faves of our dear customers who keep coming back for more.

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