How Big is Big?

When I was a little girl,my grandparents had a children's book at their house called "How Big is Big?"  It had a picture of an elephant and then an atom,and a redwood tree and then an ant and like that.  I remember when I was pregnant thinking and asking my doctor "Yikes!  How big is big?"  It was a little too late to reconsider, but I got a little freaked out about it, but then reassured myself that somehow or other my body was just going to get that baby out, and what was done was done, so I might as well stop worrying. And I focused elsewhere.  Like buying cute clothes for him- some of which he never even fit in because he was 8 lb 10 oz. and grew quickly. (At hist first Easter he looked a little like a cheap lounge act all stuffed into the way too small vest and button down shirt at 5 months and 21 lbs)

My second was 8 lb. and I was very grateful that he had not read the book saying that second babies are usually bigger.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love dressing the bump and beyond, but we also love marveling at perfect tiny fingers and perfect tiny toes.  Babies are so truly amazing.  Beyond words.

We've just been introduced to Luke, whom we've  "known" since he was the size of a peanut (or whatever fruit, nut or vegetable they are likened to at 13 weeks) when his absolutely fabulous mom first came into the shop. He was born last Tuesday.

And, how big is big?  Well, 10 lb. 14 oz. is pretty big!  Welcome Luke!  Congratulations Mom and Dad!

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