Sip 'n' See

A lovely southern belle grandma2b was in our Palo Alto store today and introduced us to the idea of the Sip ‘n’ See, and we are quite enamored with the idea! A Sip ‘n’ See is sort of a post- baby shower and can be super-chic-formal-champagne-style-soiree or a backyard-bbq-lemonade-rocking chair-style-shindig…whatever is “you”. Invites go out after baby arrives and friends and family drop by an open house style party to “sip” on something yummy to drink (spiked something, that much awaited chardonnay; or hot tea or cocoa) and “see” the precious new babe. We think it’s a great addition to the pregnancy/baby traditions. First a babymoon and shower, then a Sip’n’ See  so everyone can see your newest little love.  Plus, when a baby shower seems a bit redundant, after, say the 3rd baby, a Sip ‘n’ See is a nice alternative, but with less focus on games no one really likes, and more attention on adorable dimples and teeny fingers and toes!

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