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Most of us are all too aware of Breast Cancer.  The following statement is not backed up by an research or statistics (so, don't tell my father the economist), but I would bet that there are very few people who do not know someone whose life has been affected by breast cancer.  My partner's mother lost her battle at 45, after 4 years of battling, when her children ranged in age from 13 to 21.  As a mother and wife,  I can hardly think about it, the pain is too great. The much beloved director of my children's school, who had the most wonderful smile, fought bravely for years, until she could not fight any longer. And there are more.  Everyone has their story, or stories. Research has made strides. More strides are needed.  The battle is not yet won.

We at Mom's the Word are all about giving pregnant and nursing breasts the best in support and style and for the rest of this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be giving 10% of all nursing related sales to support breasts even further.  Breast Cancer Connections is a local, Charity Navigator 4 star rated, non-profit providing support to those with breast cancer in our community. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is also 4 star rated by Charity Navigator and works to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide.

For anyone wanting for inspiration, a few suggestions:

The B-Warmer by Boob is always a favorite, super cute and comfy-and with a fleece lined front, it is the perfect cozy piece for Fall! 

Now that the bun is out of the oven, there's a new bun in town.  This uber easy-to-layer,/easy-discreet-access, ribbed tank is a must have for all nursing moms.  Available in 3 great neutrals, and, yes, you may want them all.

And we've just received a new delivery of one of the season's most popular nursing tops.  The Alexia covers bump and flatters body after bump while unsnapping for easy nursability. (Did we just make up a word?  Guess so.)

Have we mentioned recently?  We love what we do, and we love who we do it with-all of our customers are such a joy!

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