the miracle blanket- a fashion necessity? yes.

It's actually pretty simple.  We all look better when we've slept, so, we carry The Miracle Blanket.  Tried and tested and true.

We are strictly about fashion and all about MOM- during pregnancy, and sometimes, years after delivery, not out of necessity, but for fashion.  Just ask Nikki, Tori, Michelle, or the others who stopped in to shop in the past week whose "babies" are 8 months to 5 years. As buyers we are constantly having to explain the we do not do baby clothes or blankets or shoes or...all of that totally adorable stuff.   Some days it's hard to say no, we admit it, but we are dedicated to our mission-make MOMs look and feel fabulous.

We believe that the Miracle Blanket makes moms look better, so, we added it to our selection.  Let us know what you think.

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