What Season are we in again?

Moms and 2 b moms have been bemoaning it for years-try to find a swimsuit for your infant, toddler or your pregnant self in August, or, conversely, a snowsuit or parka in freezing cold February.  Feel like searching for a four leaf clover?  Then you're in luck.  I was at the end of Cape Cod one August, having packed a suit that I was sure would fit my due-in-November body...until I got there and spilled out of it everywhere that there was to spill.  In desperation, because I wanted to be buoyant, even if I looked like a whale, I called the friend who was still in New York asking her to grab a suit for me, any suit.  No luck.  I did go in the pool.  It was not pretty.  I did not feel good.

The New York Times addressed this issue on Sunday, saying "During the summer, when you are looking for a breezy maxi dress, the fall wool coats are hanging on the rails. Come early November, they will have vanished in favor of resort, which used to be called cruise, as if everyone hopped on a boat to the Caribbean with the first autumn chill."

Long ago we here at MtW decided to buck the trend.  In November our customers need warm clothes!! Yes, our SF store has sweaters in August, but, hey, it's San Francisco, home of the famous quote attributed to (but not probably said by) Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Our SF store always has sweaters!  Both of our stores carry swim wear and a mini selection of shorts year round. Crazy thing, but pregnant women hit the pool year round, and head to Hawaii year round, proving what we believe to be true, pregnant women are just women...who are pregnant.

So, this summer as we head into Fall, once again, we have collected a vast array of options, all perfect for layering, or not. Plus, we have just received our final shipments of some of our favorite maxis, as well as some super yummy cashmere.  And all those maxis? Super flattering this year when you are about to pop, and equally fabulous next year when the bump is long gone.  So, wear them in Palo Alto today, when it's in the 80's and in Chicago in February when it's in the 20's and next year, enjoy the compliments on your cute pieces.  No one will be the wiser or ever think that you wore them when you were avec bebe the previous year!

Yay for seasons!  Keep bringin' them on!

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