A Fabulous Fall Photo Shoot!

I love our photo shoots!  We have so much fun, and they are such a great reminder of who we are.  Although this photo shoot was the very first ever without a Mom's the Word customer, we still had "real women" models, and they were fabulous!

It was also unusual in that only one model was pregnant, but since we do cute clothes that look good one everyone from 9 weeks to 9 months to the trip back down, we didn't see this as a problem, and we hope that you don't either, but do let us know what you think.

So, the models:

Rachel is pregnant, due Oct 3.  What we loved about her was that not only was she really pregnant, she she was "real" pregnant.  She is not 5'11" and  a size 0 with a bump. Okay, she may be 5'11", but she wears a size 28/29 jeans (except the Jimmy, which she wore in a 26) and a small or medium top/dress (except the drape back striped nursing which we got her in in the XS). And she said regularly "I don't know how pregnant women can wear heels!".

Ashley has never been pregnant, never nursed, but was totally game to try to figure out all our nursing friendly pieces, and got quite the kick out of the "easy access" features. (and if you look at the image of this dress currently online, you'll know how desperate we were for new images

Also not pregnant, but a perfect 3 month fill-in, Audrey proved that our Penelope dress really does look divine at all stages (last shoot we got it on a much more pregnant silhouette and it looks smashing on her as well).  Another thing that we loved about Audrey is that she isn't 12, or 28 or,well, we won't divulge her age, but we just like to try to represent our client base in as many ways as possible, so we thank her for helping us out.

Last but not least, we asked Sabrina, who works in our SF store to join us for a couple of hours, and she looked, as she always does, fabulous, with and without bump! And the amazing thing about the Adrianna is that you can barely tell the difference in head-on shots, between with and without bump.  Just another reason we're obsessed with it, and brought it in one last time for our "Oh no, what will I wear?/It's September and nothing fits and I don't want a sweater because it's 80 degrees out!  Help me!"  clients.


And, of course, this is one of our very favorite things about our photo shoot, when the kids of previous models come to visit!

And this shoot, we were joined by the boy who inspired it all, my very own 6' tall bundle of joy, whom I was pregnant with when Mom's the Word was conceived- as I wandered around Los Angeles screaming hormonally to anyone within earshot "NO!!!  I will absolutely positively NOT wear that!!" whenever I looked at what pregnant women were supposed to wear.  Thanks, Baby!

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