Chew, Baby, Chew!

A genius product created by a mom, for moms and babes, alike! Having a mini-me no longer means you are destined to collect a shoebox full of broken necklaces (yay!). They are DANG CUTE!

So, you look very fashionista with your new necklace! But, best part? You can share it! BPA free silicone makes it a handy dandy (and safe) teething piece. It also works as a “nursing necklace” in younger babies when they need something to focus on and play with while nursing. Then at the end of the day, throw it on the top rack of the dishwasher, and done. So grab some Chewbeads for your wee one, snap a photo of you looking fab and bebe loving them, and share with us...a la beautiful Maddie below!

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