The upsides and downsides of being a Duchess

A giant congratulations to William and Kate and George Alexander!  Not just because they've had the good sense give him such a great name (now both of my boys have "royal" names -Alexander and Harrison, aka Harry), but because they have withstood and will continue to withstand pregnancy and parental scrutiny.

So now Duchess Kate, like every other new mother, is learning one of the not-joys of new motherhood- having to deal with the opinions and advice of others. Is nothing sacred?!?

Apparently not.

The internet was abuzz with opinions and suggestions for her on what to feel and do about her postpartum bump- a mere day after she gave birth.  That's the downside; not just the occasional random stranger or relative, but the entire world, thinks that it's their business!

On the upside; no one is going to ask her when the baby is due when she leaves the house without George, because the entire world knows she just had  the baby!   I only hope that the mother of a two week old -who was in the other day in tears because a random stranger had admired the baby and then said "Oh!  And you're expecting another!" -took comfort in the radiant Kate as she left hospital. Personally, all I thought when I saw the pictures was "Aw!  How cute are they?!"  They are adorable, aren't they? Isn't being a mom grand?

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