The Beauty of the Boyfriend...Jean.

The skinny jean has been all the rage for many seasons, and with good reason: flattering to many, goes with most everything and transitions to all seasons. They are a slam dunk easy way to look glam and great.

So, while I am not telling you to pack away this modern classic, there is a style in town that you should make some room for. If you are like me, there is a time and place for suck-me-in-denim. But sometimes, well, there is not. As I stand in front of my closet some mornings, this is my wish: I want to look ultra- fashionista, feel like I'm wearing pajamas, be able to throw on pretty much any top I have and look like a magazine ad. That's not asking much. ;)  I have recently discovered the light of my wardrobe life. My Boyfriend stole my heart. Boyfriend jeans that is...

How fab and glam do these make a girl feel? I can't even describe...just be prepared to book a vaca to LA to give Paige a hug in person for creating the most perfect jean ever. Plus, you'll want to show these babies off! Oh, and don't stress out when you think you have left the house in your pj pants...those are only your favorite Boyfriend Jeans ;) The destruction is movie star status, but my favorite part is the hem...let me show you:

Roll 'em once, roll 'em twice, or not at all! They Seriously. Could. Not. Be. Cuter. Trust me girl, you will LOVE your Boyfriend. Jeans.

P.S. My partner in crime insists that I disclose that my first boyfriend (jean) was from the store, and Nooooo, I am NOT pregnant, they are just so darn cute that I couldn't resist.


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