What to wear to the wedding...when you're the bride.

We get people in the shop daily looking for something to wear to a wedding, and they've got loads of super cute options. But what's a chic mom-to-be to do when the old "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage!" is sped up to double time and she will be "avec bebe" for the wedding?  Pregnant brides-to-be, in our experience, do weddings just like everyone else.  No big shock there-some throw a big party, some have a small gathering, some slip off for a civil ceremony away from the paparazzi, as Halle Berry did this past weekend.

So, what dress to say yes to?!?  We have outfitted many brides through the years, and we hope that they are all doing well.  Thanks to those of you who have sent us pictures-we love that!

We are all enamored with this spectacular gown which fits and flatters and flows and makes all of our brides2b blush and glow simultaneously.  It has totally knocked out many dads-to-be when they catch a glimpse of their beautiful bride-with-babe walking down the aisle towards them.


This French lace option has been the perfect solution for brides looking for something less “gown-like”,  but who want a special dress for their special day. Some do a sassy little bird-cage veil for a look that screams “bride!”, while others have opted for more creative spins in switching out the sash, donning feathered hair pieces and even wearing cowgirl boots ;)

The not-bridal Navy French Lace has both attended many weddings, and been worn by many brides who don’t want to go the white or ivory route. Sophisticated and timeless…you can’t go wrong! And yes, you can wear it again.

This satin gown, paired with our pearl earring have been more than dreamy on not just a few of our brides. The draping is gorgeous and the luxe satin glides over curves in all the right ways. Reminiscent of 1930’s Hollywood royalty, which is never a bad thing…

And, then there are some who have felt their very best… in black. Recently, a bride + mom2b chose this sleek number with plans to select a bouquet of vibrant blooms from the flower market the morning of the wedding. So Parisian, no?

Whatever you choose to wear  for your special day, you should feel fabulous and beautiful. But most importantly, you should feel like you.

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