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    Pregnant Moms on Staff; Gloria

    We love to have pregnant women on staff!  Gloria had managed our Palo Alto store for years, and announced her pregnancy at the grand opening of our Los Angeles shop.  We all cried happy tears. Last year we had Gloria, our Italian mama 2 be, who arrived almost daily inspired by a look that she’dRead more…


    Heavy Rotation

    Jeans are it.  In life.  In pregnant life, they are in heavy rotation, so, do them right. People come in hourly asking how many jeans they need.  There is no right or wrong answer to that question.  We tend to start by asking how many pairs they have in their before-the-bump wardrobe.  If they mention,Read more…

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    Why Clothes Matter/ What to Wear When Pregnant

    Because studies have shown that people make a first impression in what, the first 3 seconds?  Yes, that impression can change, but first impressions matter.  And sometimes they stick.  And clothes make a difference.  You may feel that they shouldn’t…but they do.  So, it feels really important to us that we dress women in clothes that LOOKRead more…


    What a (pregnant) Girl Wants, What a (pregnant) Girl Needs

    What does a pregnant girl want?  What does she need?  Oh so many things!  But, here’s a good place to start:) Clothes!  It’s true!  It may sound  self serving coming from us, but we all get dressed every morning, and your average pregnant woman, starting somewhere around 12 weeks, starts having trouble with that basic human act-gettingRead more…

    **USA ONLY** Beverly Hills, CA - Reality TV vixen Kim Kardashian visited her favorite diner, Nate n Al's Delicatessen, on Tuesday morning for breakfast. The curvy beauty donned a similar ensemble to last night's birthday bash for Kanye West at the Staples Center, wearing a clingy black polo neck dress, lace up heels and her grey Givenchy cross body bag. Kim stopped and posed with a fan's baby in the parking structure as she made her way to the restaurant.

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    My Love/Hate Relationship with Kim Kardashian

    You know, as a mom, I try to stay away from words like love and hate, but, well, yeah, being a mom is humbling, and when it comes to Kim, a person who I so do not know, I do have a black/white, right/wrong, love/hate relationship.  And, imagine, she doesn’t even know it, nor doesRead more…

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    Treat Yourself This Holiday Season!

    From Julia in our Palo Alto store: “This time of year is always filled with the buzz and sparkle of the holidays. Lights are going up everywhere, the smell of pine and peppermint, and of course there is nothing as infectious as the kiddie’s excitement over Santa! But let’s be honest, there is a lotRead more…


    Giving Tuesday & Beyond

    It’s been a week, but it’s a daily part of our mission: We give back to our communities.  Besides making mamas feel fab, giving to these amazing organizations that change lives is one of our very favorite things.  And it’s hard to narrow it down, and pick organizations that we feel our clients would approve of. So,Read more…


    Maternity Jeans-and why you might wear them forever:)

    A list of Mom gratitudes in the Huffington Post included “Maternity pants that can be worn several months post-partum.” In truth, many moms wear their maternity jeans long after they have to-not just because they have to.  Some moms come in with 3 month olds and 18 month olds who are almost back into their pre-preg jeans andRead more…


    Cozy, Chic and Comfy-the Good C’s

    On the Lower East Side back in the 80’s (Yes, that’s where I was back then, now you know),I had a friend, who said that all the good stuff started with a “C”; Champagne, Coffee, Cookies, Chalk(those were the days of Keith Haring and his chalk babies) ,Cake, Cigarettes, Cocaine… and he had others that I can’t recall. Read more…


    Why Shop Small?

    So, really?  Why shop small? 1. Well, because it’s more fun for starters.:)  When was the last time you had a blast eating at a chain or shopping at a big departments store?  I mean, if you go with friends, then you are bound to have fun, but, think about your experiences shopping in locallyRead more…